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The Trustworthy Garden Maintenance London Relies On

Affordable Garden Maintenance in LondonGet in an expert gardener to take care of all those garden tasks you need to do but just can't find the time for. Allan's Gardeners provide the garden maintenance service that both households and businesses trust. We provide real results, not just a best-effort from some well-meaning amateurs...

Many services for gardening in London charge for long hours where you don't really know what you're going to be getting - not with Allan's Gardeners.

You'll meet your team of two professional gardeners first, and have the opportunity to show them around your property and talk about what you want them to achieve in the time you've chosen to book them for. It's like having two extra pairs of incredibly well-trained hands! 

The Top Six Reasons to Hire Our Garden Maintenance Services in London

The people that book London gardeners with us again and again usually say that they do so because they know they can count on us to the job their way. But, there's a lot more to our services besides their flexibility:

What We'll Be Able To Do For You

Affordable Garden Maintenance Services around LondonAfter arranging your appointment, you'll meet your team of two garden maintainers from London at the gate or at your front door at the time you've specified. Don't worry if the gardeners need to go through your house to reach your back garden for example - they are professionally uniformed, and can even put down coverings if you prefer.

All of their equipment will be cleaned, and most is lightweight enough to carry through. You'll specify what you want the gardeners to do, and they will get started after you've confirmed you're happy with your quoted rate. Our customers use us for services such as garden care, lawn mowing, garden clearance, and a whole lot more besides!

Wondering where you can find our services locally? We've worked across all of the following areas for many years:

We know that inviting someone you don't know onto your property can feel like an invasion. That's why every member of the Allan's Gardeners squad has been personally interviewed - and why each has received extensive training in the use of all of the latest equipment.

In addition, even the standard tools we use, like trowels, rakes, spades, shears and secateurs, are hand-picked for being the most durable and effective examples of their kind. Don't forget, the gardening team will bring all the needed equipment for the tasks you require.

Book Today - Your Gardeners Are Waiting To Meet You!

Get in touch with us today, and set up your appointment for tomorrow - or whenever it's best for you. We operate seven days a week including weekends and Bank Holidays, so it's never a bad time to set your booking. Y

our garden maintenance will start with a no-obligation visit from a team of two professional gardeners. Because you'll have given one of our advisers all of the information about what you need done, the gardeners will be ready, properly equipped, and raring to begin work! You'll confirm what you want to be done, show the technicians in person where everything is if you like, and we'll reaffirm your quoted price.

The ways you can get in touch with us are: